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Hello people, I am an architect! I will explain how you design a small house. If you want to draw for you a house, you do a comment I will help you!

Small house planning is so popular in architecture news. Everyone wants to a small house because it will be chip and useful. If you have a small area and you want to build a house with garden, this article is useful for you. So, how to design a small house? Its very simple but also complicated because you have to design your room, kitchen, and the hole in a small space. There are a few things about design your house, for example, you have to design your kitchen shelf min 60 cm. I mean, you have to attention about these principles. If you do like that, your home will be perfect.

So, we will analyze a few houses, how is it design? I will give you offer for designs! Enjoyed!

1 Bedroom 1 Living,Kit,Dining Room

If you have in an area in the forest this design is for you! There is a bedroom with wc . There is the perfect detail in this room, you can have a shower in your room. There is the 2 entry for bathroom. 1 from hole 1 from your bedroom. And also the living area is support porch. This is also nice in this small house.

3 Bedroom& 2 Bathroom& Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room & Terrace & Small House Plan

This house plan is perfect, If you are 4 people! There are 3 bedroom, 1 for mom&dad , 2 for kids. There are 2 bathroom, Its very nice solution also. Living room&Dining Room&Kitchen have very big area, Its very nice also. And there is a big terreace for you.

Small House Plan with Kitchen&Family Room&Dining Room& 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom

If you have a big family and you searching a small house. This is for you! There are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Kitchen&Family Room&Dining Room are divided perfectly! I love it! And also there is a covered porch, build for you this perfect house and share us!

Small House Plan&2 Floor & 3 Bedrooms & Optional Deck & Covered Porch

This small house is duplex. If you want a small house with 2 floors, its good for you! There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Living room divider for dining and kitchen. It’s American type house. If you have a big family, you can build this house.

Tiny House Plan, Forest House Plan, House Planning

This house is very tiny , If you alone in the forest you should build this house tiny and silence.

A small house 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms & Living/Dining/Kitchen

A small house for a big family. If you are 4-5 people you can live here. 3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a big living room divided dining and kitchen. You can design again how you would like.

2 people small house plan, 1 bedroom 1 living room,dining room and kitchen, 1 bath and 1 covered porch

If you have an area in the forest, this house for you. There is 1 bedroom 1 living room divide kitchen and dining room. You and your love perfect life waiting for you!

2 Floor Small House Plan, Harry Potter House Plan, Big Family Small House

This house jumped from the Harry potter movie, If you have big family and you want a small house, this is for you!

Small House Near Lake, Small House plan 2 bedroom, 1 patio, screened patio, kitchen bath

If your area is nearby a lake, this house for you. 2 Bedroom and Divide living room&Kitchen, 1 Patio for the landscape of lake. Perfect time wasting in this house.

Small house big living room, modern small houses, modern living room, big room small house

If you want to modern small house, it’s for you. There is a big living room for your friends and your family. And lovely terrace. If you like a big living room, it’s for you.

Small house with pool plan, Small house big living room planning, house and pool plan

Modern Small House, there is the big living room in this house. If you want a house small one with a pool, this house for you.

Small house plan, living room divide dining room&kitchen, 3 bedroom small house plan

Small house and just one floor, If you like that’s type, it’s for you. There is the big living room and divide for dining room&kitchen, this solution is perfect.

American Type Small House Plan, American houses plan, small house plan 2 floors

This House is small also have 2 car garage. It’s lovely like an American house. This house has 2 floors, 3 bedrooms for a big family but lovely and small.

A small house plan with car garage, 3 bedrooms and living room divided

Just 1 floor and big living room this house is lovely. There is a garage for 2 cars also. 3 Bedrooms and divided living room. Windows are also very nice. Outdoor views lovely.

A small house plan with long living room, Long Living room plans, 3 bedrooms small house plan

If you like long living room, this house for you! There are 3 bedrooms, and 1 terrace, this house is lovely, living room divided with dining room and kitchen.

Tiny house plan, 3 bedrooms small houses plan, 2018 the best tiny houses, Small and fresh house plan

This house is so tiny and so fresh, If you want a small house tiny and fresh, this house for you! There are 3 bedrooms and divided a living room.

The best small house plan, Small house planning, 3 Bedrooms Tiny House plan

1 floor and big living room, this small house is the best, I think. There is the lovely divided living room with dining room and kitchen. Also have 3 bedrooms. Enjoyed the planning this house for your area.



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